DownSyndrome Stewart Home School: A residential setting for individuals with Down syndromeAt Stewart Home School, learning is a life-long adventure. From the time a new student enrolls, achievement levels are assessed and progress is planned. Every student at every age is given consistent opportunity and encouragement to improve skills and experience success. Some of our most exciting grade level progress occurs in individuals who are beyond typical school age. We are never too old to learn and we are not our “labels” — Stewart Home School proves it every day!

People who are diagnosed with Down syndrome have a unique learning difference. Stewart Home School faculty and other staff members who work with students are making every effort to help students to understand these differences so that they maximize their potential to learn and grow throughout their lives. Educational, vocational, recreational and social experiences are designed within a consistent, year-round structure to enhance not only the repetition and reinforcement necessary for mastery, but also to create the momentum and motivation for continuing persistent effort. We encourage students to be true partners in the process. Students want to learn when they are learning!